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Why Fly Early?

Fly Early AirwayWe both know there are many avenues to go when picking a business jet provider, however you’re now with a company that is respected by informed users of business aviation as “the real deal.” We have personal relationships with public companies, frequent flying families, some of the worlds most influential business people, many personal assistants, politicians, presidential candidates, other jet charter providers, and individuals who already own their own aircraft.

We are no fly by night operation (though we do fly at night all the time!), we are insanely trustworthy, and with all de respect, we know what we’re doing.

We tell it like it is: You always know exactly what you’re getting when booking a flight with us. We book specific aircraft, not vague “sizes,” a practice many competitors use to significantly downgrade your aircraft without refunding any money.

Fly Early AirwayAlex Early: At this moment, every dispatched flight is reviewed by Alex Early for quality; price, selected aircraft, dates, weather, and amenities are reviewed before a contract is submitted. Alex has flawlessly dispatched thousands of flights with utmost precision. Go elsewhere and your important details may be left to someone who has been in business aviation for just weeks. Retail Jet Sales has high rotation amongst commissioned, non-aviation salespeople.

We’re transparent: We will disclose any aspect of each transaction we make, just ask.
Wholesale pricing: Does that mean we don’t make money? No. However, we price our trips based on wholesale pricing, meaning we don’t have pre-set prices that are so high we just know we’ll make a profit regardless. For this reason, we make custom prices for each and every mission.

We’re at the airport: Many of our competitors are a consortium of commissioned, transient salespeople, at home on laptops. Not only do we have an office, but we’re based at the Van Nuys Airport, the nations busiest business jet airport. We know everyone in business aviation (aircraft operators, not brokers), and our connections bring you better results.

We’re all Aviation People: It may sound silly, but most of the retail end of the industry are salespeople, who are focused by nothing but sales, quotas, marketing, and commissions. Anyone you deal with here are experienced, passionate, aviation people. As of March of 2011, we’re all pilots and one contract flight attendant running the operations.

We’re serious: Our company and daily procedures revolve around running a time machine so to speak. We care about safety, time, and value. Our company is not focused so much on being a status symbol, or advertising “the pinnacle of luxury.” We work as the provider of serious business tool responsible with your safety, not people selling expensive luxury paraphernalia.

We’re never pushy: We will never push you into buying our product. If you’re booking one of our flights, it’s because you want to. We will always offer non-biased advice based on our expertise. All consultants are required to be blinded of profits during every booking process.

We’re fast: We’ve procured flights on less than an hours notice many times. We’re as fast as you’ll get.

Unique Origin: (By Alex Early, Founder) To the best of my knowledge, we are the ONLY retail private jet company that was not founded as a spinoff of a larger private jet broker with less than ethical practices, OR a second career by a wall street executive who decided that the margins in business aviation could be higher or private jets are sexy because they symbolize wealth. I learned the industry through the aviation operations side of the business, and saw the flawed retail system of the above.

Work with us once, and you’ll understand that if you want a serious provider of a serious product at a consistently fair price, you owe it to yourself to work with us.

“There are a lot of less than desirable companies we compete with, save yourself future headaches and DON’T strictly shop on price; do your due diligence!”

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