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Jet Hedging

Own a Jet Card or a Fractional Share? You need to hedge!

Jet Hedging, Jet Cards, Fractional Private Jet

If you currently own a pre-paid jet card, a fractional share of an aircraft, or even a whole aircraft altogether, our jet hedging program is designed specifically for you.

There isn’t a fractional program out there that universally gives you value for each and every flight you take, despite what their salespeople may say. Yes, there are certain [obscure] trips that fractional programs will do well by you on, however you’re literally throwing money out the door by using your pre-paid hours for many of the trips you fly.

Below, we’re going to look at estimated costs of NetJets’ Marquis Jets program (with estimated pricing from 2011), and we’ll compare them with charter flight costs from actual trips completed by The Early Air Way.

Marquis Jet Pricing
(*Estimates based on 2011 pricing)
Aircraft Type Card Price (Paid at once) Hourly Rate Fuel Surcharge Tax Total Rate/hr.
Hawker 400XP
Light Jet
$109,900.00 $4,396.00 $823.00 $386.18 $5,605.18
Citation Excel
Midsize Jet
$179,900.00 $7,196.00 $970.00 $612.45 $8,778.45
Hawker 800XP
Midsize Jet
$203,900.00 $8,156.00 $959.00 $683.63 $9,798.63
Citation X
SuperMid Jet
$254,900.00 $10,196.00 $1,490.00 $876.45 $12,562.45
Falcon 2000EX
SuperMid Jet
$269,900.00 $10,796.00 $1,139.00 $895.13 $12,830.13
Gulfstream G200
SuperMid Jet
$285,900.00 $11,436.00 $1,220.00 $949.20 $13,605.20
Gulfstream G450
Heavy Jet
$367,900.00 $14,716.00 $1,783.00 $1,237.43 $17,736.43
Examples from REAL trips by The Early Air Way
Card Program
Gulfport, MS -> Fort Lauderdale,
FL Light Jet
$8,826.70 all-inclusive $10,089.32 all-inclusive
Teterboro, NJ -> Burlington, VT
SuperMid Jet
$5,916.40 all-inclusive $12,562.45 all-inclusive
Farmingdale, NY -> Orlando, FL
Midsize Jet
$10,289.65 all-inclusive $24,496.58 all-inclusive
San Francisco, CA -> Hawaii
Heavy Jet
$44,325.00 all-inclusive $94,594.23 all-inclusive
Teterboro, NJ -> Paris
Heavy Jet
$57,000.00 all-inclusive $115,493.00 all-inclusive
Houston, TX -> Omaha, NE -> Houston, TX
Heavy Jet
$28,954.50 all-inclusive $70,945.72 all-inclusive
Orange County, CA -> Hawaii -> Orange County, CA
Heavy Jet
$99,817.90 all-inclusive $203,968.95 all-inclusive
Las Vegas, NV -> Los Angeles, CA
Midsize Jet
$7,528.90 all-inclusive $9,798.63 all-inclusive
Oxnard, CA -> Teterboro, NJ
SuperMid Jet
$30,451.60 all-inclusive $69,093.48 all-inclusive

As you can see based on the examples above, the cost differences between The Early Air Way’s on-demand charter program and a fraction pre-paid card can be massive. There are some instances where the pre-paid card program will be less, and that will generally be when you’re taking a SuperMid or larger size aircraft for a short flight (under 1.5 hours).

One other pro to the Jet Cards is that their pricing is fixed, so you will always know what you’ll be paying for a specific route. Whereas with our on-demand charter, pricing is variable and dependent on wholesale market availability. Almost always is our on-demand program more economical than the fixed-price programs, however.

Safety is without a doubt our single biggest concern. Safety is very important to bring up in a forum about comparing on-demand charter to a fractional card program, however. The reason for that is because we’re well aware that fractional card salespeople often use safety as a scare tactic in order to win new contracts into grossly over-priced programs. After all, what proper charter-buyer doesn’t take safety seriously?

The fact of the matter is however that safety statistics amongst quality part 135 on-demand charter operators is stellar. There is less consistency amongst charter operators as there are with using one fractional program however, as such, you need to be buying charter from a company that screens its operators. The Early Air Way utilizes two 3rd party safety auditors, ARG/US and WYVERN to audit aircraft and crew. Our standards greatly exceed those of the FAA for on-demand air charter to make sure you’re flying on only the cream of the crop amongst part 135 charter aircraft.

Hedge your flights!
So you already have a card membership… You are a prime client for our “Jet Hedging” program. Our hedging program will analyze your anticipated travel schedule and compare a formal proposal for one of our on-demand charter flights with what you’d be getting with your current fractional pre-paid agreement. In many [most] instances, you’ll find that our option is the way to go. If you do decide to use your hours for a given trip however, then by all means do so. You will never be pressured by our staff to book one of our flight options.

The fact of the matter is that we want jet card holders to know that just because you have a pre-paid jet card, our services are still very relevant to you.

E-Mail us at charter@theEarlyAirWay.com to discuss our jet hedging program, or call us at (800) 783-2970. We are staffed 24/7.

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